Thank you for your interest in information about the new ADC Online Training Program
"Proper Flexible Duct Installation Practices" – approved by the major building codes.

This is a web-based program available 24/7. It is designed for HVAC contractors,
distributors, builders, duct work installers, code officials, and building inspectors.

Specific flexible duct installation practices covered in this training program include:

•   Job site PREPARATION TECHNIQUES to insure a successful installation

•   Recommended TOOLS and SUPPLIES to do it faster and accurately

•   Planning the PROPER ROUTING for all types of duct runs and branches

•   MEASURING and CUTTING techniques to maximize use of materials

•   Making energy saving secure CONNECTIONS and SPLICES

•   Optional CLOSURE SYSTEMS using approved duct tapes, mastics and clamps

•   HANGING and SUPPORTING guidelines for maximum air flow

•   Installation PRACTICES TO AVOID

For a limited time order this program for FREE!

After you order ...  
Flexible Duct Performance & Installation Standards (6th edition)

When you order this FREE program, you will receive a digital copy of the 28-page "Green Book" that will serve as a helpful guide in taking the course.
Final Examination Offered

After completing the training, you have the opportunity to take the 25-question (true/false and multiple choice) final exam based on what was presented in the training.  You will be able to instantly see your score and be able to correct any incorrect answers.  The final exam is a great way to reinforce your flexible duct installation knowledge.
Personalized Certificate of Completion

After successfully completing the final examination, you will have the opportunity to print a personalized Certificate of Completion.

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